Buy one Certificate, secure multiple domains!


Formidable CA EV Multi Domain SSL Certificates (MDCs) are the convenient and cost-effective solution for online businesses looking to secure multiple websites from a single certificate. Like regular EV certificates, MDCs display the trust-building green address bar to website visitors and provide the very highest levels of SSL security.


With a Formidable CA EV Certificate you benefit from:


  • Boosted consumer confidence with the Green Address Bar, exclusive to EV SSL.
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment.
  • Increased conversion rates.
  • EV Enhancer™ - Ensures EV "green bar", the certificate holder's organization name and "Identified by Formidable CA" are always displayed in Internet Explorer 7 and above on Windows™ XP.
  • Protecting your customers from phishing attacks.


Multi Domain EV Certificates represent a breakthrough for online businesses by making it commercially viable to:


  • secure all websites with the EV green bar on next generation browsers such as Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+ and Opera 9.5.
  • specify up to 100 domains or sub-domains in the Subject Alternative Name field of a certificate.
  • simplify SSL management processes.


NB: Formidable CA EV MDCs make even more commercial sense when you consider the cost is less than some other CAs are charging for a single EV Certificate!


Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the highest assurance certificate, perfect for reassuring your visitors they’re transacting on a highly trusted and secured domain and are specifically designed to strengthen E-Commerce security and combat phishing attacks.


Obtaining an Extended Validation SSL Certificate requires a rigorous validation check performed by a registered Certificate Authority (CA). This is required to ensure that the company behind the site meets Extended Validation standards. These strict validation guidelines help keep the green address bar associated with trusted organizations (only) and maintain the highest level of security and trust with visitors.


Every Formidable CA EV SSL Certificate also comes with a free Formidable CA Corner of Trust. By giving your customers this additional real-time identity assurance via simple "Point-to-Verify" technology, the Formidable CA Corner of Trust further authenticates your online identity and gives your customers the confidence to buy from you.


Our warranty level covers all business-critical websites. We also offer a two year option at a discount.


Browser ubiquity should be a key element when choosing an SSL provider. EV SSL certificates are compatible with 99.3% of current Internet users' browsers.


Industries as diverse as healthcare and banking/finance are required to meet regulatory standards when it comes to the protection of sensitive data online and Formidable CA Certificates ensure compliance as they support 256 encryption levels and are signed with 2048 bit signatures.


Extended Validation is provided by Comodo.


As a valued customer, you can expect prompt support for any issues you may face, or questions you have, during any stage of applying for, installing or using your SSL Certificate as every Certificate we sell comes with industry leading customer care and technical support.


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