Formidable CA Unified Communications Certificates (Formidable CA UCC) allow a single certificate to provide SSL-secured communications for multiple domains.


Designed exclusively for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications infrastructures, Formidable CA UCC present greater flexibility, economy and security for Microsoft Exchange (2007 onwards) and Office Communications Server 2007 networks.


Traditional SSL certificates (such as Formidable CA SSL Certificates) provide security for a single fully qualified domain name and Wildcard Certificates (such as Formidable CA Wildcards) cover all first-level sub-domains of that domain. However, because Unified Communications Certificates support the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field, many different domains are supported within a single certificate. This provides administrative flexibility for feature-rich environments requiring secure, client-server and server-server communications.


Offering UC Certificates will simplify your customer’s application server implementation and administration.


UC Certificates provide SSL support for Microsoft Exchange (2007and greater) and Office Communications Server 2007 where traditional or wildcard certificates won’t. They are more secure than Wildcard Certificates since UC Certificates specify exactly which hosts and domains are to be protected and are also more flexible as UC Certificates aren’t limited to a single domain. For instance, a wildcard certificate can protect all first-level sub-domains on an entire domain but a Wildcard cannot protect both “” and “”.


UC Certificates are fully trusted by 99% of email clients and web browsers and you can have the certificate re-issued for a nominal charge whenever you need to remove or change domain names.


Essentially, Formidable CA UCCs empower you to maintain a high level of security with strong encryption and ID verification capabilities.


A Unified Communications Certificate is an easy, comprehensive and economic alternative to securing all your domains and sub-domains individually with just one certificate.


With Formidable CA UCCs you benefit from:


  • SAN field control to adjust the domains covered in your certificate
  • Business validated certificates to build trust with your website visitors
  • A certificate that grows with your business
  • Simplified security needs in a single UC Certificate
  • Economies of scale as you avoid the continual need or buying individual certificates


As a valued customer, you can expect prompt support for any issues you may face or questions you have during any stage of applying for, installing or using your SSL Certificate as every Certificate we sell comes with industry leading customer care and technical support.


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