Issued within 10 minutes, Essential Wildcard SSL Certificates from Formidable are highly trusted SSL Certificates providing 2048 bit industry standard encryption at an entry-level cost. It's a paperless system that validates the ownership of your domain. (It doesn’t authenticate the business.)


The Formidable CA Essential Wildcard SSL Certificate allows you to validate unlimited sub-domains as well, saving you time and money by simplifying your SSL Certificate management with this one Certificate.


Securing these sub-domains of yours under one single Certificate could actually save you hundreds or even thousands per year.


For example:


If you own and have seven sub-domains such as,, etc., it could cost around $224 per year to install multiple Premium SSL Certificates to cover all your sub-domains.


Compare that to:


A single Essential Wildcard SSL Certificate securing your top level domain and multiple sub-domains for as little as $106 per year.


These certificates have 99.3% browser ubiquity and they’re ideal for non E-Commerce sites or systems that require encryption.


With Essential SSL certificates, you have a high level of security in minutes with the golden padlock that your customers or users will look for to verify that your site or systems are secure (For SSL certificates more suitable for E-Commerce see our Premium SSL Certificate or Premium SSL Wildcard Certificate).


NB: If you’re looking to secure a single domain or sub-domain then check out our Essential SSL Certificate or Premium SSL Certificate


Formidable CA Essential Wildcard SSL Certificates provide a quick and cost-effective solution to securing your site or systems. Essential SSL certificates are issued using our 100% online validation system which is perfect for businesses on the move that need security without the usual waiting times (or paperwork).


Industries as diverse as healthcare and banking/ finance are required to meet regulatory standards when it comes to the protection of sensitive data online and Formidable Certificates ensure compliance as they support 256 encryption levels and are signed with 2048 bit signatures.


The Formidable CA Essential SSL Certificate is one the most cost effective SSL Certificates available today. They can be purchased for a term of up to 5 years and with every SSL purchased from us, we include a Formidable CA Corner of Trust at no extra cost.


As a valued customer, you can expect prompt support for any issues you may face or questions you have during any stage of applying for, installing or using your SSL Certificate as every Certificate we sell comes with industry leading customer care and technical support.


Download your Formidable CA Essential Wildcard SSL Certificate today!


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